GAZA 9-2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I had to go back there to see how the people of Bait Hanoon doing after almost 2 years
when Israel totally leveled down this neighborhood in the summer of 2014. I wanted to go
back to try finding Haja Rawiheiah ?.. Remember her? The old lady who apologized for not
offering me coffee while sitting on the wreckage of her home. I didn?t? find her or the
ruins of her home. The rubble was removed. The houses with some standing columns have
people living in them. They used sheets and blankets to replace walls so they can have
some privacy in their own homes. What about those without homes? They are living in
prefabricated cabins!! No, They are not like the cabins you rent for a summer holiday on
the lake or a ski holiday.. they are 40 square meters boxes with no windows, no
insulation or water resistance walls where families with average of 6 kids live!! The
kids spend most of their time in the streets and alleys till its bed time? they greeted
me with smiles and lots of inquisitive questions.

The questions I have are how these children go to school and still learn? How the young
people who just attended my lecture at the Islamic University and asked me intelligent
questions deal with their devastating living realities and they still dare to dream of
the future? How their professors come to work everyday to build learning institutions and
inspire their students? How can they do all of that when their basic human rights are
taken away from them? I really don?t know!

I exited Gaza through the same fenced path to Erez crossing leaving behind almost 2M
fellow Palestinians in the world?s largest open prison. Their needs are as monumental as
their dreams and they are counting on us. In the mean time they will continue to live and
love life.

Till I come back to Gaza, warmest regards


GAZA 8-2016

Dear Friends and Supporters

After four very busy days in the West Bank it was time to head to the most special and
unique place in this world? no place like Gaza. This time I got the permit through WHO
in Gaza.

Arrived to Erez crossing at least an hour before its scheduled closure at 3:00 pm on
Friday. There were a lot of people coming in too but there was no line up in front of the
foreign passports booth ? soon I found out why; they don?t process foreign passports
after 1:00 on Friday!! Of course I didn?t see the logic of it when there were personnel
processing the Palestinian passports so I insisted on talking to the senior officer. I
explained that am a doctor and coming to work at Al-Ranteesi Children?s hospital. He
spent more than 20min on the phone with WHO to verify my story, to come back and say that

he couldn?t help me .. all personnel from ministry of interior went home.. Palestinian
passports were processed by the army! I begged? I yelled? but all in vain.

By that time, every one was gone. I took my bag and went back to the gate thinking how am going to find a taxi now to take me back to Ramallah. I found a driver who over heard my yelling and decided to wait -? As we were leaving, a car suddenly pulled over in front of
us. A man in civil clothes but clearly armed walked towards us. He said that he was head
of security and knew someone in the ministry of interior who could sort this out; ?don?t
go? he said. He took a picture of my passport on his phone with my permit number and
sent it to someone via WhatsApp then he talked on the phone for few minutes (I really
have to learn Hebrew) to say that they were going to send someone who lived close by to
let me in and I should go back to the terminal and wait there. Here I am again alone in
this creepy place.. watched by cameras in every corner.. I felt that they could count my
breaths! A women came.. obviously she was not very happy so she started questioning me
about me parents and where do they live and when did they leave Palestine?..etc? etc.
When I thanked the security man he said ? I am not doing this for you.. its for them..
there are some good people in there?!! I was about to say so why do you bomb them then
and kill their children but I decided to swallow my words for a change so I could enter

The Surprise

I started the long (about 2km) lonely walk to Gaza through the fenced path looking at
Gaza through the iron bars. Half way through, I was not alone any more.. stones where
coming in my direction and hitting the fence! Crowd of boys on the other side of the
fence were throwing stones at the soldiers in the watchtower behind me. They were part of
a wedding party! The groom was carried on the shoulders of his friends and they were
singing traditional Palestinian wedding songs!! The boys told me that he was a regular
stone thrower who decided to celebrate his wedding with his friends here to irritate the
soldiers! I got to the end of the fenced path? now am in Gaza.. there is another long
walk on a rough road to get to Hamas check point! The only car there was the groom?s
decorated car. The next thing I know, a young man put my bag in the trunk saying that
they would take me to Hamas checkpoint? I was just too exhausted to argue. I arrived to
Hamas checkpoint fashionably late! Where else could this happen other than Gaza!

Tomorrow I have a long day with the medical students at The Islamic University.

Till my next email, warmest regards from Falasteen


GAZA 7-2015

Dear friends,

You all remember Al-Wafa hospital ..the main rehabilitation hospital in Gaza that Israel leveled to the ground last summer despite pleas from its doctors and the international medical NGOs that were there at the time. I always wondered what happened to its disabled and elderly patients that had to be evacuated minutes before the Israeli war machine started bombing the hospital. Today I got the answer. I went to see the new location of Al-Wafa hospital.

They moved to a building used as residence for the elderly. The hospital personnel found themselves in a place that didn’t even have beds for their patients who needed constant care. They didn’t have food to offer them specially those who could only be fed through a tube that goes to their stomachs. The place was certainly not equipped to be a hospital! They had to act .. and act very fast to keep their patients alive. Despite all the devastations that they were going through, the Gazans started coming to the building with clothes, blankets, mattresses and food. The hospital personnel worked around the clock to keep the patients as comfortable as possible.. some didn’t see their families for days to be able to do that.

After the aggression ended, the doctors and administrators contacted every NGO they knew. They managed to get new rehabilitation equipment so their 18 physiotherapist and 8 occupational therapists started working again. With minimal resources, they turned their new place to what they hope to be a temporarily hospital. Rebuilding AL-Wafa hospital is on the top of the list for the next round of funding they were told…

I would like to introduce Ahmad, he is a 10-year old boy who lost his father, a brother and 2 cousins when the Israelis bombed his home. He sustained a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He can only move his facial muscles. He greeted me with a beautiful smile and showed me the apparatus that engineering students designed for him to operate the remote control using his jaw muscles! He told me he can also work on a laptop the same way and asked me for one so he can go back to school. How can anyone say no to Ahmad!

Haja Um Mahmoud, 86 years old, lost all her family when the Israelis bombed their home. She was found in the rebel unable to walk because of fractured hip. She recited some of her poetry to me, thanked me for coming to see her and asked me to stay….

My dear friends, Al-Wafa hospital and the Right to Live Society need our help. I promised them on your behalf that they will get it. Stay tuned for an update on the dialysis machines that you all bought for Al-Ranteesi pediatric hospital; I have great news!

Tomorrow I leave Gaza to the West Bank for 5 days of clinics and lectures in Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron and Jerusalem.. Gaza will remain in my heart and mind; to me it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Regards from Falasteen


GAZA 6-2015

Gaza 6- The Aftermath

Dear Friends, Yes, I am back in Gaza. It is one of these places that you may leave physically but it remains in your heart and mind so you keep coming back. Went through Erez crossing .. this time I was not completely alone some people were going through it but in the opposite direction than mine…mostly old people who seemed sick and fragile. Walked through the same long wired tunnel looking at Gaza behind the bars.. Gaza is at the end of the tunnel.

I went directly to the Right to Live Society. It is a center for children with special needs that was not spared from the Israeli aggression last summer. The 500 children with mostly Downs syndrome and autism; many have epilepsy, lost some of their class rooms, the covered space in their playground where they used to celebrate birthdays and their theater where they used to perform plays and dances. Nevertheless, the center opened its doors in September.. few weeks after the end of the aggression…just on time for school and the kids came! Some lost their homes, their parents, their siblings.. but they still came to find their loving teachers and therapist who also have their own devastation and loss ready to receive them! If that is not resilience and determination to live, I don’t know what is!

One of my friends told me before coming ”Rand! It is worse than when you were here during the aggression…much worse!”. I could not understand what he meant! how it can be worse than daily Israeli bombing with tons of explosive for almost two months! I could not understand until I saw Al-shage3eieh again today. In the summer, Al-shaga3eieh was completely destroyed.. thousands of homes turned to piles of ruble but it was empty.. it looked like a ghost town. Today, it is still completely destroyed but with families living in the ruins of their homes! Kids running around dangerously between iron rods and mountains of rocks! They replaced the fallen walls with blankets and plastic bags.. they lived in these “homes” through the most brutal winter that Gaza ever saw! I could not hold my tears.

I sat and had coffee with one of the families in what used to be their backyard. One of the men told me that he is going to take his family back to the shelter..when I asked which shelter he said “to the UNRWA school… they have to turn them back to shelters.. we can not live here like animals!”. As we were leaving, a young man stopped us to ask how he can get a bag of flour for his family.

I have no words to say to the world except that we Palestinians will continue to “teach the rest of the world life..”.

Till my next email from Falasteen , warmest regards


“It always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandela


“It always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandela

رؤية ما تبقى من حائط برلين كان كل ما اتوق اليه منذ ان جئت الى هذه المدينة الجميلة جدا قبل ايام قليلة. ..كان اليوم حار ولكن لا باس.. فالمعاناة من حرارة الشمس زادت من رونق التجربة. بدات بمكان يعرف ببوابة تشارلي والتي كانت احد نقاط العبور الرئيسية بين شرق المدينة و غربها. كل ما تبقى من هذا المعبرحائط تذكاري علقت عليه صورا تعكس ضخامة المبنى كما كان في الستينات. هل هذه صور لبوابة تشارلي ام هي صور لمعبر قلندية او ايرز!..اختلفت الاسماء ولكن الهدف واحد…تجريد الشعوب من حريتها و انسانيتها. اذا كانت هذا ما آلت عليه بوابة تشارلي بضخامة مبناها و تاريخها في حياة الشعب الالماني فلا بد ان ياتي اليوم الذي سيتحول فيه معبري قلندية و ايرز الى جدران تذكارية تحكي قصة معاناة شعب من جبروت محتل ظالم يحرق الاطفال ويقطع اوصال شعب بحواجز و جدران. جدار الفصل العنصري الذي بدات اسرائيل ببنائه عام ٢٠٠٢ واتمت معظمه بحلول ٢٠١٠ اصبح الآن جزاء من حياة شعبنا اليومية..اعتاد عليه وكأن وجوده امرا طبيعيا كما كان في حياة الالمان…اطفالهم مثل اطفالنا الان..يلعبون بالقرب من الحائط على بعد خطوات من الموت اذا زلت اقداهم الصغيرة واجتازت الحدود…شبابهم مثل شبابنا الآن يحاولون القفز من فوق الحائط للوصول الى احبائهم و اقربائهم خلف الجدار..ولكن هل سيتحول الجدار الفاصل الى مجرد معلومات و حقائق تسردها اجيالنا القادمة بالارقام و الصوركما هو حال الالمان اليوم.. وتبقى مرارة الحياة في وجود هذا الجدار ذكريات يتحدث عنها الاباء و الاجداد. لم لا؟ فهذه صورة رجل الماني يحطم الجدار بمطرقة يدوية…تحطم الحائط في اوائل التسعينات اي بعد ما يقارب ثلاثين عاما من بنائه و استبدل في معظم الاماكن باحجار صغيرة تحدد مكان وجوده..تحطم جدار الفصل وبقي منه اجزاء بسيطة تحكي حكاية حائط بلغ طوله ما يقارب ١٥٥كم وارتفاعه حوالي ٤ امتار ُبني ليقهر ويظلم شعبا ما يقارب ٣٠ عاما.

Van Gogh قال

لا اعرف حقائق مؤكدة عن اي شي و لكن منظر النجوم يجعلني احلم. اليوم رايت ما هو اروع من النجوم.. رايت نهاية ظلم شعب و تحرره من جبروت ظالمه و استعباده. سياتي اليوم الذي سنهدم فيه الجدار الذي بنته اسرائيل حولنا شرط ان لا نفقد القدرة على الحلم بالحرية.

Together in Rebuilding Their Lives – Event Recap

Dear Friends,

It was so great seeing all who could make it to the reception Saturday night. Your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to Palestine and its people were reflected in the discussion that we had and in your generosity.. We raised $15,000 that night! which put us on more than 50% of the way to buy the first dialysis machine for the children of Gaza. THANK YOU!

100_0880 100_0865100_0852 100_0862

For those who could not make it yesterday, you were missed. Hope that I can still count on a donation from you towards buying kidney dialysis units for the children of Gaza.

Many kids in Gaza are born with abnormal kidneys that don’t function normally to clean their blood. There is only ONE kidney dialysis unit in Gaza with 8 machines. Each child requires 3-6 times dialysis/week. The number of machines are not enough to meet the increasing demand of children that need to be dialyzed to stay alive. This kind of treatment is readily available and children survive into adulthood and lead a productive life… but not for the children of Gaza where more than 50% of the children with chronic kidney disease die!

The aim of the project is to double the capacity of the pediatric dialysis unit in AL-Ranteesi Hospital by buying 7 dialysis machines at a cost of $250,000 to prevent the unnecessary death of the children in Gaza with kidney disease.

Please make your cheque payable to Medical Aid for Palestine to get tax receipt and mail it to:

1 Hazelridge Dr
Toronto ON M8Y 4C7

Warmest Regards


It is time for us to help rebuild Gaza

The Palestinians in Gaza survived an unprecedented Israeli aggression not just against them but also against humanity.  I hope my emails from Gaza reflected some of the devastating new realities in the lives of Palestinians in Gaza as a consequence of this aggression. They fought back and against all odds survived. It is time to show them our appreciation and gratitude for defending the rights of every human being to enjoy a life of freedom and dignity. It is time for us to help rebuild their lives.

Gaza needs billions of dollars to rebuild its infrastructure which may be a slightly bigger than our scope – 🙂 but there are a lot of smaller things that we can do that will make a huge difference in the lives of the Palestinians in Gaza. To know more about that, please join us to celebrate rejuvenating Gaza on September 6th, 2014.

For details, please contact me at

GAZA Day 5: The Exit

Dear Friends,

With the sunrise this morning, it was time to leave Gaza. I really struggled with this decision… Struggled with overwhelming feeling of guilt, as I was going through the looong wired corridor to get out of the largest open-air prison in the world leaving behind more than 1.5 million fellow Palestinians, some are dear friends, living in circumstances that no human should be subjected to.

I had to leave for my two boys Omar (14) and Hamzah (11). I promised Hamzah to be back for his birthday. I had to leave so that we can start working on what Gaza’s hospitals need to function adequately again and survive the next round of Israeli aggression. According to the Ministry of Health Operation room report, as of Aug 21st, 10 hospitals and 7 Primary Health Care clinics were damaged, 5 hospitals and 44 primary health clinics were closed, 16 ambulances were damaged, and 83 health personnel injured, 23 health personnel died. Add to that patients who were killed by the Israeli strikes while in their hospital beds!! For example the attack on Al-Aqsa Hospital led to the death of 5 patients, a hospital administrator, the injury of 70 people including 1 doctor and 2 paramedics and the destruction of the surgical department and the intensive care unit. In addition to civilians, Israel targeted the infrastructure, including the health care system, in this inhumane aggression on Gaza. Health care centers there were inadequately equipped to serve the population even before this round of aggression started. Now the situation is more critical. I visited most of the affected hospitals and have a clear idea of some of the things that we can all work on to improve the situation and support the Palestinians in Gaza.

Soap Factory

The Soap Factory

Mosques as well

Mosques as well…

Al-Aqsa Hospital in Dair Al-Balah

Al-Aqsa Hospital in Dair Al-Balah


Cookie Factory

The Cookie Factory

The Palestinians in Gaza are fighting this war on behalf of every Palestinian and every human being who believes in freedom, dignity and equality for all. It is crucial that they know we are here, with them in this fight. We are the voice that tells their narrative to the world. Thank you for my dear friends Merwad and Nadine who realized that am not a social media wiz so they took the lead and created my blog and for Fida who was behind my interview with Electronic Intifada ( Many thanks for those who published my emails on Facebook. The message from the Palestinians in Gaza is clear; they are dying to defend their humanity and their right for a life with freedom, dignity and equality, if not for us, then for our children and many generations to come.

Finally, thank you Tarek for connecting me with Physicians for Human Rights to get my entry permit; thank you all for reading my emails and for your daily messages of support and encouragement. They certainly kept me going to accomplish what I came to Gaza for.

The Future

Let the work begin!



GAZA Day 4: Living in the shelter

email sent Thu, Aug 21, 2014

Dear Friends

Six tons of explosives were dropped on Dalo family residence… a 4-story building on Tuesday night announcing the end of the cease fire. My room was shaking with every bomb. Gaza looks very different since then. Streets are relatively empty, shops are mostly closed except for groceries and some restaurants. Everyone tries to be home before it gets dark. Everyone is talking about a long war ahead of them.

I was in Khan Yunis today. The doctors there were actually surprised that I showed up and I was advised to return to Gaza immediately at the end of my clinic.

As we were driving through the empty streets of Khan Yunis,, I noticed huge holes in the ground in between houses. Holes that I did not see in Gaza… the driver explained: “They bomb these sites thinking that there are tunnels underneath them.. they send first the shaking missile, to shake the earth, and then they fire the explosive missile.” Everyone you talk to here is a military expert; they can talk about different types of missiles and whether they are coming from a tank, plane or ship!

IMG_00000601 IMG_00000609 mod

On my way back, I stopped at the Dair al-balah UNRWA (UN) school. A site for one of Israeli’s countless crimes against humanity. As I went through the gate, the kids surrounded me .. Soon I met the site’s director and UN representative. 270 families (around 1500 people) live in the classrooms of this school. Each classroom is 40m squared hosting 40 women and children… the men live in the school yard! Just imagine how crowded this place is!! The two doctors and nurses that provide care 24/7 can hardly cope with lice, skin diseases, gastroenteritis and unexplained fever.


On July 23rd, two families sought shelter in this school but it wasn’t enough for the Israeli might to force them out of their homes, they struck again as families were getting whatever belongings they have from the donkey cart, killing two children. Guess what the great UN is going to do… Investigate?? Don’t get excited thinking that they are doing that because it is a crime against humanity! the people were 150m away from the school .. their agreement with Israel is not to fire within 200m of UNRWA buildings… so they will investigate!!!

Palestinians are not entitled to shelters. Palestinians are not entitled to be safe. Palestinians are not entitled to have justice. So its Ok for them to be slaughtered while the world is watching… but what the world doesn’t know is that the Palestinians will fight and die for what is living for.

Till my next email, warmest regards from Falasteen