GAZA Day 2: Story of El-Wafa Hospital

email sent Sun, Aug 17, 2014

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I went to Shujaiya (Alshuja3eieh?) a neighborhood in the east of Gaza that witnessed one of the ugliest and most barbaric Israeli crimes. There are no words I can use to describe what I saw or express what I felt. It was an emotional roller costar of extreme anger and deepest sadness. Endless piles of concrete as far as the eye can see… at the top of each pile was a sign stating the name of the owner, number of people lived there and some contact numbers. As if each pile came to life to tell me the story of the family that used to live inside these walls… the family that is either pulled from underneath the pile or fled to one of the UNRWA schools that turned into shelters. I will say no more and let the pictures attached speak for themselves although no camera can capture what one’s eyes can see.

IMG_00000492 IMG_00000489

Let me tell one story: the story of Al-Wafa hospital as I heard it from the security guard of the hospital who walked with me on the site and later confirmed by WHO officials. It was a rehabilitation hospital that hosted patients with disabilities of all ages. It also had a section for disabled elderly patients. The Israeli army called the hospital administration and made the usual accusation of rockets being fired from the hospital and asked them to evacuate the hospital. An accusation that was rejected by the hospital administration, the International Red Cross and members of the International Solidarity Movement who were all in the hospital at the time. What do you think the Israeli army did? send their famous “warning” bombs to the top two floors!! International NGOs try to stop the attack that defies all moralities and international laws while patients being moved to lower floors. More “warning” bombs.. The hospital turned into what you see in the pictures hours after evacuating the patients to a facility that is not capable of providing them with the health care they need. Guess what? it turned out that the Israeli miscalculated (if not fabricated) the site where the rockets where coming from!!!

I really don’t get it! I don’t get the argument that justifies killing thousands of civilians to destroy military sites. Let’s say just for the sake of argument that the resistance used civilians as human shields. Shouldn’t the lives and safety of these civilians be the priority and not getting the military target? I guess it would be if it wasn’t a Palestinian life.

The lesson that we learned after this latest holocaust against us is that there is no one out there cares about a Palestinian life except Palestinians. Yes we are very thankful for all the supporting demonstrations that took place around the world but at the end none of these demonstrations saved a single Palestinian life or stopped the bloodshed. What stopped the Palestinian bloodshed is the resistance that surprised the whole world. That is the only path to freedom; resistance in every shape and form.

Till my next email, warmest regards from Falsteen


IMG_00000482IMG_00000480 mod IMG_00000477 modIMG_00000486 mod


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