GAZA Day 4: Living in the shelter

email sent Thu, Aug 21, 2014

Dear Friends

Six tons of explosives were dropped on Dalo family residence… a 4-story building on Tuesday night announcing the end of the cease fire. My room was shaking with every bomb. Gaza looks very different since then. Streets are relatively empty, shops are mostly closed except for groceries and some restaurants. Everyone tries to be home before it gets dark. Everyone is talking about a long war ahead of them.

I was in Khan Yunis today. The doctors there were actually surprised that I showed up and I was advised to return to Gaza immediately at the end of my clinic.

As we were driving through the empty streets of Khan Yunis,, I noticed huge holes in the ground in between houses. Holes that I did not see in Gaza… the driver explained: “They bomb these sites thinking that there are tunnels underneath them.. they send first the shaking missile, to shake the earth, and then they fire the explosive missile.” Everyone you talk to here is a military expert; they can talk about different types of missiles and whether they are coming from a tank, plane or ship!

IMG_00000601 IMG_00000609 mod

On my way back, I stopped at the Dair al-balah UNRWA (UN) school. A site for one of Israeli’s countless crimes against humanity. As I went through the gate, the kids surrounded me .. Soon I met the site’s director and UN representative. 270 families (around 1500 people) live in the classrooms of this school. Each classroom is 40m squared hosting 40 women and children… the men live in the school yard! Just imagine how crowded this place is!! The two doctors and nurses that provide care 24/7 can hardly cope with lice, skin diseases, gastroenteritis and unexplained fever.


On July 23rd, two families sought shelter in this school but it wasn’t enough for the Israeli might to force them out of their homes, they struck again as families were getting whatever belongings they have from the donkey cart, killing two children. Guess what the great UN is going to do… Investigate?? Don’t get excited thinking that they are doing that because it is a crime against humanity! the people were 150m away from the school .. their agreement with Israel is not to fire within 200m of UNRWA buildings… so they will investigate!!!

Palestinians are not entitled to shelters. Palestinians are not entitled to be safe. Palestinians are not entitled to have justice. So its Ok for them to be slaughtered while the world is watching… but what the world doesn’t know is that the Palestinians will fight and die for what is living for.

Till my next email, warmest regards from Falasteen



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