GAZA 9-2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I had to go back there to see how the people of Bait Hanoon doing after almost 2 years
when Israel totally leveled down this neighborhood in the summer of 2014. I wanted to go
back to try finding Haja Rawiheiah ?.. Remember her? The old lady who apologized for not
offering me coffee while sitting on the wreckage of her home. I didn?t? find her or the
ruins of her home. The rubble was removed. The houses with some standing columns have
people living in them. They used sheets and blankets to replace walls so they can have
some privacy in their own homes. What about those without homes? They are living in
prefabricated cabins!! No, They are not like the cabins you rent for a summer holiday on
the lake or a ski holiday.. they are 40 square meters boxes with no windows, no
insulation or water resistance walls where families with average of 6 kids live!! The
kids spend most of their time in the streets and alleys till its bed time? they greeted
me with smiles and lots of inquisitive questions.

The questions I have are how these children go to school and still learn? How the young
people who just attended my lecture at the Islamic University and asked me intelligent
questions deal with their devastating living realities and they still dare to dream of
the future? How their professors come to work everyday to build learning institutions and
inspire their students? How can they do all of that when their basic human rights are
taken away from them? I really don?t know!

I exited Gaza through the same fenced path to Erez crossing leaving behind almost 2M
fellow Palestinians in the world?s largest open prison. Their needs are as monumental as
their dreams and they are counting on us. In the mean time they will continue to live and
love life.

Till I come back to Gaza, warmest regards



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