Together in Rebuilding Their Lives – Event Recap

Dear Friends,

It was so great seeing all who could make it to the reception Saturday night. Your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to Palestine and its people were reflected in the discussion that we had and in your generosity.. We raised $15,000 that night! which put us on more than 50% of the way to buy the first dialysis machine for the children of Gaza. THANK YOU!

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For those who could not make it yesterday, you were missed. Hope that I can still count on a donation from you towards buying kidney dialysis units for the children of Gaza.

Many kids in Gaza are born with abnormal kidneys that don’t function normally to clean their blood. There is only ONE kidney dialysis unit in Gaza with 8 machines. Each child requires 3-6 times dialysis/week. The number of machines are not enough to meet the increasing demand of children that need to be dialyzed to stay alive. This kind of treatment is readily available and children survive into adulthood and lead a productive life… but not for the children of Gaza where more than 50% of the children with chronic kidney disease die!

The aim of the project is to double the capacity of the pediatric dialysis unit in AL-Ranteesi Hospital by buying 7 dialysis machines at a cost of $250,000 to prevent the unnecessary death of the children in Gaza with kidney disease.

Please make your cheque payable to Medical Aid for Palestine to get tax receipt and mail it to:

1 Hazelridge Dr
Toronto ON M8Y 4C7

Warmest Regards